ERP Data Integration Pipeline

Accelerate your data-first journey with our Business ERP Data Integration Pipeline

Key features of ERP Data Integration Pipeline

Data Ingestion

ERP Data Integration Pipeline is built with tools and technologies to transport data from various sources to centralized storage where the data can be accessed, used, and analyzed to make intelligent business decisions.

Data Validation

ERP Data Integration Pipeline examines the quality and accuracy of data before using, processing, and importing data. It cleans data to get the best results.

Data Transformation

Ability to change the structure, format, and values of data in the data pipelines to get the best insights.

Data Enrichment

ERP Data Integration Pipeline can merge and add both first and third-party data to any dataset you are already working with.

Data Reporting

Ability to collect and submit data to create accurate analytics and intelligent decision-making relying on the right evidence.

Business Insights

ERP Data Integration Pipeline can study and analyze data to create smart business insights.

Overview of the Platform

KP Soft’s ERP Data Integration Pipeline is designed especially for the

public, human resource, real estate, banking, and finance industries to offer data-driven

solutions and start a digital transformation journey that can scale with the business.

This platform is built using powerful technologies like Azure LogicApps, Azure

Lambda, Oracle Cloud Integration, Mulesoft Anypoint, Oracle Fusion ERP,

Microsoft Dynamics, and Custom ERPs. 

Why Data Integration is important?

• Single source of Truth.
• Brings better insights into organization data for analytics.
• Data consolidation and cross-selling opportunities as normal source applications are stand-alone.
• 360-degree view of customer.
• Historical data for Time series and AI/ML models for trend /Forecasting analysis.
• Democratization of data across the organization for each role-based.
• Integration of structured, semi-structured, unstructured data in one place.
• Faster than traditional methods of loading data.
• Near real-time data for competitive advantage.
• Helps answering complex business questions.

Accelerate Your Data-First Journey With Our Platform

Before ERP Data Integration Pipeline After ERP Data Integration Pipeline
P2P Solutions One-click data integration
Duration of integration: 6 months to 1 year Duration of integration: 3 months
No visibility Built-in monitoring, Traceability & Insights

Platform Partnerships (Infrastructure)

Data Integration Tools & Technologies

Reporting & Analytics Tools

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