Intelligent Automation Services

Make your process self-evolving.
Add intelligence into your decision-making. 

Unleash Automation
With Artificial Intelligence

We collaborate with our public and private sector clients to transform

their enterprises into self-evolving organizations led by intelligent automation.

This empowers the organizations to grow beyond increased efficiency and better customer experience.   

Intelligent Automation Services

AI, ML, and Big Data Consulting

Predictive analytics goes beyond traditional approaches, allowing you to extract hidden information and make predictions for the future. Increase your efficiency by processing more volumes and speed of processing data with Big Data solutions. We help you in extracting, processing, and analyzing data with AI and ML to build predictive analytics for your business.

RPA Consulting

Every repetitive process in your organization needs automation. We help you identify these processes and then we create a roadmap for rolling out the automation plan. Our RPA consultants identify the right solutions to present as per your business requirements.

Robotic Ops

We recommend developing bots to provide operations support in the following areas: • Backup and patch management, • Password resets, • User management, • Sending user notifications, • Incident management, • User experience monitoring, • Software installations.

Process Automation

We combine process automation with AI and ML to help you with tasks that involve unstructured data. We conduct a discovery analysis of your existing infrastructure, applications and provide an assessment of process automation needs. Key “As-Is” and “To-Be” components that we focus on are • Applications under RPA execution, • Tools, • Platform & Infrastructure, • Execution infrastructure, • Configuration management,

Automation support

Bot management, failure and disaster recovery, risk management, and opportunity discovery are all areas where our support team can assist you. We also provide RPA corporate training to keep your employees up to date on the latest RPA tools.

AI Bots

We build AI Bots to help you generate more qualified leads, automate business processes, enhance customer service, and reduce a significant amount of costs and time. Our AI bots don’t replace your humans, they only save a lot of your team’s time by responding quickly to all inbound queries. Your team can focus on mission-critical tasks while letting our AI bots take care of your prospect’s queries.

RPA Bots

We design and develop business processes, workflows, dataflows, and automate their execution as bots with least or no human intervention. We focus on maximum reuse of existing on-premise applications and infrastructure without any rip and replace methods.

RPA As A Managed Service

We provided RPA related managed services and can help you with: • Attended bots,• Unattended bots • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of scanned documents, • Incident management, • Security scanning and compliance, • Data quality verification, • Document/File storage management optimization, • Quality and compliance verification, • Consent management and data privacy verification.

Automation roadmap

We help you map all your manual processes that are good candidates for automation. Then we identify the right intervention models and design the automation architecture. It helps us to create a custom framework to implement as per your business needs.

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Why Intelligent Automation?


Reduce Cost


Improve Accuracy


Customer Experience


Simplify Compliance & Regulations

How We Work

Conversion of AI and automation focuses on technology – that’s the simple part.

We work comprehensively across businesses, people, and processes to assure that

intelligent automation initiatives are implemented, embraced, and measured for maximum ROI. 


We assess and build a strategic roadmap as per your business priorities.


We have exclusive deployment experience across various sectors.


We help you manage and optimize intelligent automation solutions.

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