ERP Automation Bots

Reduce cost and errors. Enhance efficiency. Boost productivity.

Key features of ERP Automation Bots

The leaders of the human resource industry are still struggling with legacy systems

in the changing era of work culture. Today’s human resource industry needs the speed

 and agility of data. KP Soft offers platforms and solutions that drive better business

decisions through data-driven and real-time insights.

Provisioning or Fulfillment

Take care of your order provisioning and fulfillment with less human interruption and errors.

Business Rule Validation

Validate rules gained from sources and validate again from a business perspective. Also validates the exact point of time and time span.

Business Rule-Based Contextual Transformation

Constantly learns and transforms business with
contextual transformation methods.

Contextual Enrichment

Combines both situational and environmental information with other information to dedicatedly offer situation-aware, usable,
and enriched content, experiences, and functions.


A near-time dashboard shows you all insights and reports for better business decisions.

Business Insights

RPA Enrichment Bots can study and analyze data to create smart business insights.

Overview of the Platform

KP Soft’s ERP Automation Bots is designed especially for the public, human resource, real

estate, banking, and finance industries to start an automation journey to reduce cost

and enhance efficiency. This platform is built using powerful technologies like Azure Power Platform,

UI Path, Oracle Cloud Integration, Oracle Fusion ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Custom ERPs or any back-office systems. 

Why are RPA Bots important?

User-Interface Interaction

The Automation Bots bots can mock human interaction on the UI of an IT system such as entering information into fields; making cursor jumps, pushbutton, etc. The robot’s script comprises conditions and rules to act like a real user. You can develop the scripts with robot developers or create them directly with RPA technology.

High Volume Data Handling:

The Automation bots can take care of large volumes of data in the process interaction and user interface. The bots can transit and utilize the data from any external storage or resulting from a user interface.

Process Execution:

The Automation robot can run processes like humans, including user interface interaction.

Learning Capability:

Machine learning techniques can integrate advanced RPA robots with AI. Machine learning enables robots to autonomously absorb and improve on their previous experiences. As a result, your developers don’t need to write any scripts.

Accelerate Your Data-First Journey With Our Platform

Before ERP Automation Bots After ERP Automation Bots
P2P Solutions Auto contextual enrichment
Costly human efforts Reduce human intervention
Reworks ~60% rework avoidance
No visibility Built-in monitoring, Traceability & Insights

Platform Partnerships (Infrastructure)

Data Integration Tools & Technologies

Reporting & Analytics Tools

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