• April 12, 2022
  • Prasad Kanigicherla
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As we get consumed by technology, AI, and ML-driven solutions must take center stage. Customer interaction, expectation, and scope have widened because of the free flow of information. 

This is especially being felt in the healthcare industry, which in the last two years has had to deal with an unprecedented health crisis. 

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The healthcare sector is inundated with piles of data, but unless these are processed and transformed into something tangible and useful, they do not add any value. 

Today it has become particularly important to transform and uncover data that aid in improving patient care. KPSoft’s methods for Prescriptive insights in healthcare can help bridge gaps. Using our MS Azure AI based approaches, AI can systematically be incorporated into healthcare, it can reduce not only healthcare costs but also improve care quality and patient satisfaction.

The Microsoft healthcare cloud has built a platform that can ingest large volumes of unstructured data, process them and unify them, which can then be used for improving operational and clinical insights.

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Why Prescriptive Analytics in Healthcare is Important?
The healthcare industry continues to lack the intuitiveness required to improve patient care. Their involvement is not all-encompassing, which causes them to miss major opportunities. The Patient Gap exists because at least one in two patients wished their healthcare providers (pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, GPs, caregivers) knew more about them. Adopting our approach to predictive and prescriptive analytics, every stakeholder in the healthcare industry can involve patients even in R&D. If the source of a problem is identified, it will become easier to find long-lasting solutions. 

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How our methodology using Microsoft Azure Healthcare Platform Helps Improve Prescriptive Analysis
By gathering information from several structured and unstructured data sources, the platform can visualize trends and provide powerful insights. We can also set up automated operational tasks that are based on available patient data. With the help of Azure’s machine learning, our solutions are positioned to interpret both structured and unstructured data. This new set of data can be shared by different healthcare departments that can securely collaborate to improve patient care. 

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Our solutions for Healthcare Services work closely with Azure Health Bot, Azure API for FHIR, Microsoft Dataverse, Common Data Model Interface, and Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration. The cloud based approach can – 

  • Help Care Managers to review any patient’s current records (using Teams). The Patient Monitoring Queue as a Dynamics 365 application assigns each patient an index score, which helps identify the urgency of the case.
  • Provide the Emergency Department with an assimilated system so that the admins use available resources optimally. 
  • Assist the Specialist Physician to access the Microsoft azure health platform. The ED can segregate patients before sending them to specialists. 
  • Assist the patient to follow the care plan through the Patient Portal. Satisfaction Surveys can also be undertaken by hospitals, which can be stored in Dataverse for later references.
  • Help the Hospital Admin to use a Power BI system to gain powerful insight on healthcare metrics.

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KPSoft Digital – Helping Healthcare Workers with Predictive Prescriptive Descriptive Analytics

Data integration, adoption of AI and ML technologies in healthcare, and connecting the missing dots have become paramount today. 

It is the only way the healthcare industry can cope with the challenges it faced in the last couple of years. Data assimilation and analytics can play a transformative role only if the right tools are used. 

KPSoft Digital helps customize healthcare integrated solutions on Azure. We have an innovative and progressive Healthcare Solutions Architecture that makes it easy for various healthcare stakeholders to use Azure. 

If you want to be a revolutionary leader in your sector, we have the necessary resources in place to assist you. 

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